Aeroponics systems are systems which allow for rapid plant growth that occurs through environments that are high in oxygen and various nutrients. In such plant-growing systems, micro-jets are being used to spray the roots directly, promoting aggressive root and vegetative growth in the process brought by high oxygen levels. The use of aeroponics systems is actually an ecologically favorable method for creating naturally large and healthy plants and home crops, and it is notable for offering the lowest energy and water input per square foot of growing area than any other type of method for producing vegetation.

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is the method of growing plants in environments that are filled with air or mist without the need for soil or other added media. The word “aeroponic” comes from the Greek “aero” and “ponos”, which means “air” and “labor”, accordingly. This method is being conducted without a growing medium, a scenario which is quite different from aquaponics (which utilizes water and fish waste) and hydroponics (which utilizes liquid nutrient solution and minerals).

Aeroponic environments are maintained free from pests and diseases so that the plants could grow healthily and more rapidly as compared to plants that are grown in a certain medium. However, since most of these environments are not actually perfectly closed off to the outside, pests and diseases may still cause some damage. Controlled aeroponic environments can significantly heighten plant development, health, growth, fruiting, and flowering for any type of plant species and cultivars.



Classifications of Aeroponics Systems

These days, there are several types or classifications of aeroponics systems. There are a total of twenty-three existing systems, which include:

·         Home Aeroponics

·         Hydrogarden System

·         Hydrogardening

·         Hydroponics Systems

·         Indoor Aeroponics System

·         Microgarden Aeroponic System

·         Modular Aeroponics System

·         Rainforest Aeroponics System

·         Tray Growing System

·         Turbogarden Aeroponic System

·         Aero Rooter Aeroponic System

·         AeroFlo Aeroponics System

·         AeroFlo2 Aeroponics System

·         AeroGarden Unit

·         AeroGrow Wall Unit

·         Aerojet Aeroponic System

·         Aerojet Expansion Module

·         Aeroponic System Expansion

·         Aeroponic System Extension

·         Aeroponic Systems

·         Aeroponics Power Cloner

·         American Agritech Systems

·         Complete Aeroponic System